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Kourai Spa


The therapeutic services at Kourai Spa is not only for beauty treatments but also relaxation, body detoxification, and balance of physical and spiritual energy.

Following the melodious, sweet and soothing music, you will completely get rid of all worries or fatigue, and get maximum relaxation.

Other extraordinary Spa treatments

at KOBI Onsen Resort Hue

After an onsen bath, there is nothing rewarding than giving yourself a suitable Spa treatment. Following the melodious music, you wil be pampered in the Spa and beauty treatments. Spa helps balance your physical and spiritual energy, relax your mind, and improve your health and beauty. With a variety of facial treatments, body treatments, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy and famous Japanese reflexology therapy, Kourai Spa will give you a different sense of paradise.


Relaxation with essential oils

The aromatherapy combined with essential oils, almond oils, and a back massage helps your body relax, relieve fatigue and reduce stress. There are many types of essential oils and floral scents, you can pick one from your favorites.

Shiatsu Reflexology


The Japanese traditional Shiatsu reflexology focusing on the acupuncture points and pressing the veins according to traditional Oriental medicine soothes the muscle strains, aches and pains, and improves blood circulation and energy recovery.

Herbal Therapy

Traditional herbal therapy

Herbs are used in Oriental medicine for disease treatments. Each herb has its own effects on human health. Traditional herbal therapy is a combination of medicinal herbs and gentle massage. It has positive effects on pain relief, detoxification, fatigue dispel, body warming, and energy recovery.


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