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Traditional Japanese onsen


Unlike other hot spring baths, traditional Japanese onsen bath requires nudity.

The outstanding advantage of this therapy is that your whole body is free from clothing and totally immersed in warm water. Every body aches will be totally soothed away by the spreading heat. Relax your body, recreate your energy and inspire your spirit

Onsen Services

AT KOBI Onsen Resort Hue

KOBI Onsen Resort Hue take you to wellness voyage by various onsen baths from hot spring, jacuzzi, soda or cold bath. There are separated onsen areas for males and females. Moreover, you are provided attractive experiences with novel relaxation and recreation services such as Nap York and 3D golf.



This is a natural hot spring where hot water directly flows from its source to the baths. Taking an outdoor onsen brings a harmonious blend of you and the nature.



Soak yourself in hot mineral-rich hot spring water whose sulfur content is particularly effective in treating heart diseases, pains of rheumatism and arthritis and skin nourishment.



This is a cold water bath from 18°C to 20°C and is often used after a sauna. Soaking yourself in a cold water bath keeps your skin firm, boosts blood flow to your whole body, strengthens immune system and burns fat.



Stretch yourself out for relaxation in soda bath with tiny bubbles fizzing and clinging on your skin. Immeasurable small molecular structures of carbon dioxide easily penetrate through the skin, enter capillaries boosting to release hormones, dilate blood vessels to increase oxygen levels and improve blood circulation.



The use of hydrotherapy with a series of jets helps you engage in a whole new experience of natural massage therapy. The water flows moving around the body help to boost blood circulation, massage the skin in the most natural way, thereby, easily soothe your body aches effectively and is extremely beneficial to your health.



Heated stones from 50°C to 60°C and the humidity of about 10% has the effects of relieving pain, improving immune system and making you feel invigorated after a long day of hard work.



The mechanism of pumping hot steam into the room where the temperature is around 80°C and 100% humidity helps to detoxify the body and relieve symptoms of sinusitis and bronchitis.


Onsen room

If you imagine a private onsen bathing area to experience peaceful relaxation time with your spouse or the loved ones, our private onsen will be an ideal place especially for you. The room is designed with a tea drinking space and an onsen bath decorated with calligraphy, bringing you a feeling of elegance and comfort.


How to

Take an onsen bath

Coming to KOBI Onsen Resort Hue, you are not only immersed in a relaxation space, admire Japanese architecture, but also enjoy hot spring mineral water here. Let’s give it a try and enjoy every step of an onsen bath.

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Onsen bath’s


Before entering onsen area, you need to remember a few things to maximize the benefits of onsen bath as well as to keep the space quiet and private for other bathers.
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Wash thoroughly before entering the onsen to keep the water as clean as possible for all bathers.
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Do not wear any clothes to give the whole body complete exposure to minerals in the water and to keep the water as clean as possible.
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Do not take pictures at the onsen to ensure the privacy. Phones are required to leave in the lockers.
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Do not use alcoholic beverages, as prolonged exposure to hot water after getting drunk may put your health at risk.
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Keep the space quiet and do not disturb others so that everyone can enjoy and relax when taking an onsen bath.
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